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      About Us
              Shandong Jingyang Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, by the group invested. Total investment of 20 million U.S. dollars, mainly in the construction of optical film machinery processing plant, heat insulation materials processing workshop, R & D center and other ancillary facilities 29350 square meters. Main production of optical film machinery and composite insulation materials.
              at present, workshop materials by the Jingyang group self-developed design and manufacture of thermal insulation composite part of the equipment has been installed into the commissioning late and gradually transferred to the trial production stage. Optical film mechanical workshop NC flame cutting machine, CNC lathes, CNC milling and boring machine, horizontal machining centers, and other domestic and foreign advanced equipment have been placing completed, mainly engaged in the UV molding machine, coating machine, laser engraving machine pressure optical film machinery production. Project all of the postpartum, the annual sales income of yuan, profit and tax 32 million yuan.
              the company is committed to products, machinery, equipment, and high performance of heat preservation material and other composite materials R & D and innovation, optical film, plastic industry and all kinds of material transport and with the process to provide complete solutions and complete sets of equipment; provide a new generation of high performance heat preservation material and other composite materials for buildings, vehicles, ships, pipeline engineering, warm road engineering.
              Shandong Jingyang production and operation in Jingyang "exalt" "Butterfly" brand series of mechanical products and anticorrosive heat insulating material. The main products are:
              optical film equipment, coating, structure forming, laminating, cutting, etc.;
             - PVC rolling plastic machinery factory equipment, plastic production factory equipment etc.;